I remember that moment.

The moment when I was looking at my camera and my very small portfolio, and I began to wonder, "How?"

How do I do this? How do I "photographer?" as I would like to say. 

That's what these sessions are for. I'm here to answer the questions you feel too embarrassed to ask, because I probably felt too embarrassed to ask also. 

During these sessions, we're gonna explore the many layers to being a photographer, everything from shooting to business. Maybe you just want to learn how to use your camera in manual, that's cool; we can do that, or maybe you want to learn how to lay the groundwork to building a business. Whatever the case may be, I want to help you do that. 

Let's create something beautiful together.


Package 1

2 hours online or in person: $300


Package 2

5 hours in person: $750


Package 3

7 hours in person: $1050

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