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Amber & Camie Bridal 3/2/15 {Styled Shoot}

Last Monday, I got the tremendous honor and opportunity to work with five amazing women to create one of the most memorable shoots I've ever had. The goal of the shoot was to create portfolio work that all 6 of us could use in the future. Ladies, I can say that our hard work was a success.

Our day began at Salon 160 in Fort Mill, SC and ended at The Dairy Barn at the Anne Close Springs Greenway. 

Ladies and Gentleman, enjoy....


A special thanks to Caitlyn Anderson for showing up at the perfect time and letting us borrow her horse, Star, to take some pictures with our models.

I'd like to give a special thanks to the team:

Ladies and Gentleman, if you ever need a model, a hair-stylist, or a model, I highly recommend working with these wonderful women. They were all fun and easy to work with, and that made my job so much easier.


Ever since I posted the preview for this shoot on Facebook, I've been asked about how to get a shoot like this together. If you want to get something like this together, all you have to do is find other artists who will work together for portfolio work.

Find a hair and make-up artists, a couple of models, and get your hands on a couple of wedding dresses. If you can, ask friends who have recently got married if they'd be willing to put on their wedding dresses again; more than likely, they are going to say yes.

And that's a wrap!

Thanks again to the team. I can't wait to work with you ladies again.